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Transplant update

Update on Katie from Chelsea. She looks so good right now apparently. And? They think they might know who the donor was.

I didn't realize exactly how much of a miracle this was; if Katie had been in the hospital she wouldn't've gotten the lungs because of immune system things. And the only reason she wasn't in the hospital on Tuesday was because everyone begged her doctor to let her spend a week at home so that Katie and Chelsea could have more time together before Chelsea went back to college.
CWRPS - Smeckles


I don't know what time I fell asleep yesterday (I think around threeish) but I just slept for like, twelve hours or so. It's 0350 and I'm up and not tired so I'm hoping this will mean I can fall asleep tonight. Classes start on the 20th and I have to be able to wake up early enough to catch the bus.

I fell asleep before I could get news on the rest of the surgery and how it went so I'm gonna call Mom around 0600 or so and ask (because Chelsea was calling her too to update her).

I better be able to stay awake all day.

Man, it's hard to remember to click over to "Post to multiple journals" thing, I keep just tapping "Post Entry."
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CWRPS - Smeckles

It feels kind of horrible to be happy that someone just died

Katie, Cheerleading!Sister's little sis, is headed into surgery very soon (within the hour) for a lung transplant (double, I think). She's 15, has CF and has been on the top of the transplant list for a while now. Late last night the hospital called and told them to grab their stuff and get down there. She's just been fed all the anti-rejection meds and she's just about ready to go. The surgery is twelve hours long and the biggest fear now is that her body will reject the lungs.

Do me a favor guys? Cross your fingers for her. Pray, think good thoughts, do whatever it is you when you need that extra bit of hope. I know a few people have probably just lost some respect for me right there but I don't give a flying fuck, I remember when this kid used to refuse to wear anything more than a t-shirt and... You don't get pushed to the top of the transplant list because you're doing fine on your own.
CWRPS - Smeckles

To-Do List: Tuesday

  • Write Daddy.

  • Write Bryon.

  • Call Mom. Ask about clothes and brace.

  • Work on Sweet Charity fic some more.

  • Never pledge five fucking thousand words ever again (aim for one thousand next time).

  • Map out stories on my Fic To-Do List.

  • Make GJ pretty.

  • Make IJ pretty.

  • Make JF pretty.

  • Don't have a breakdown and/or cry (you can do it!).

  • Possibly work up courage to walk to Sonic and try and get a fucking job.

  • Do not kill anyone.

Hey, I had to have at least one thing on there I have a chance of doing today,
CWRPS - Smeckles

*Hugs LJ*

That was a lameass way to wake up.

And meanwhile now I'm gonna cry my way through basic HTML and make a really ugly looking place for my fic and stuff off LJ. So far I have my Fic To-Do List and Twelve Times Dad Threatened to Turn The Car Around (And Three Times Dean Almost Rode In The Trunk) backed up.

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