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To-Do List: Tuesday

  • Write Daddy.

  • Write Bryon.

  • Call Mom. Ask about clothes and brace.

  • Work on Sweet Charity fic some more.

  • Never pledge five fucking thousand words ever again (aim for one thousand next time).

  • Map out stories on my Fic To-Do List.

  • Make GJ pretty.

  • Make IJ pretty.

  • Make JF pretty.

  • Don't have a breakdown and/or cry (you can do it!).

  • Possibly work up courage to walk to Sonic and try and get a fucking job.

  • Do not kill anyone.

Hey, I had to have at least one thing on there I have a chance of doing today,
Tags: rl, rl: bryon, rl: daddy, rl: mommy, sweet charity, to-do list, writing

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