August 9th, 2007

CWRPS - Smeckles


I don't know what time I fell asleep yesterday (I think around threeish) but I just slept for like, twelve hours or so. It's 0350 and I'm up and not tired so I'm hoping this will mean I can fall asleep tonight. Classes start on the 20th and I have to be able to wake up early enough to catch the bus.

I fell asleep before I could get news on the rest of the surgery and how it went so I'm gonna call Mom around 0600 or so and ask (because Chelsea was calling her too to update her).

I better be able to stay awake all day.

Man, it's hard to remember to click over to "Post to multiple journals" thing, I keep just tapping "Post Entry."
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CWRPS - Smeckles

Transplant update

Update on Katie from Chelsea. She looks so good right now apparently. And? They think they might know who the donor was.

I didn't realize exactly how much of a miracle this was; if Katie had been in the hospital she wouldn't've gotten the lungs because of immune system things. And the only reason she wasn't in the hospital on Tuesday was because everyone begged her doctor to let her spend a week at home so that Katie and Chelsea could have more time together before Chelsea went back to college.